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Bolivia 2010




Bolivia / Republica de Bolivia
In Central South America, rugged Andes mountains with a highland plateau, hills, lowland plains of the Amazon Basin. 1,098,580 km2 (slightly < 3x MT) 3% arable.

Capital Sucre (population 247,300)

Population 9.2M (8.4/km2)

Life expectancy 67 years


Literacy 87%

Lang(s) Spanish (61%, official), Quechua (21%, official), Aymara (15%, official), foreign languages (2%), other (1%)

Religions Roman Catholic (95%), Protestant (Evangelical Methodist – 5%)

Ethnic Groups Quechua (30%), mestizo (30%), Aymara (25%), white (15%)

Gov’t Republic

GDP/cap $4,700

PCVs 1962-1971, 1990-present; agriculture, natural resource management and environmental education, youth development, micro-enterprise and small business development, and water and sanitation projects (Volunteers in country: 0; TTD: 2,670)

Nat’l holiday Independence Day, 6 August (1825)

Adult Books

Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia's Challenge to Globalization
Edited by Jim Shultz and Melissa Crane Draper

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: University of California Press (January 7, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0520256996

Book Description
A powerful, eyewitness account of Bolivia's decade-long rebellion against globalization imposed from abroad. A rich portrait of people calling for global integration to be different than it has been: more fair and more just.
A powerful, eyewitness account of Bolivia's decade-long rebellion against globalization.

Kids' Books

I’m Jose and I’m Okay: three stories from Bolivia
by Holzwarth, Werner

Format: Hardcover, 38 pages
ISBN: 978-0916291907
Age Range: 7–11 years
Publisher: Brooklyn, N.Y. : Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 1999

CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices, 1993)
Eleven-year-old José lives and works with his Uncle Ramos, who owns an auto repair shop in a Sorata, Bolivia. Hard-working, resourceful José also takes time to dream -- of his favorite soccer team and of winning the local bicycle race, even though he's much smaller than the other contestants. He even dreams of taking revenge on his uncle who sometimes expects José to work harder than he does. Three surprisingly funny and non-judgmental short stories based on the life of a real child are illustrated with a series of panels that not only suit the episodic action but will appeal to reluctant older readers as well. CCBC categories: Easy Fiction; Contemporary People, Places and Events. 1999, Kane/Miller, 36 pages, $13.95. Ages 7-11.
© Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Reprinted with permission.


Film: Pachamama
Director: Toshifumi Matsushita


Various Artists (Atoll): Nazca: Music from Bolivia

Focus Word

Focus Word for 2010 - "Justice"


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